Local government that works for us.

Our city government is only as innovative, effective, and responsive as the people we elect – and I’m working hard for my neighbors as an At-Large City Councilor.

What We’re Working On

Three things inspired me to step up this year to represent my neighbors on our City Council, and we’re working on all of them:

There were some big shoes to fill, so we needed new leaders to step into them – people who understand the history and context of this city but can also bring fresh ideas for its future.

This term we hit the ground running, tackling complex issues like a National Grid transmission line project, the City Charter, the budget, and a number of issues that had been on hold during the pandemic. I brought expertise on the charter and plenty of new questions to these discussions.

We are still working through multiple crises, so our City Council needed someone who understands public health, economic development, and how they interact.

My experience in those areas and broad perspective from global policy work will be a huge asset as we navigate the new challenges and opportunities ahead. I am excited to work on things like transparency in how we spend our Federal Covid relief funding, updates to our zoning bylaws that reflect our current and future needs, and issues that have become more difficult during the pandemic, like rodents and trash management.

Serving as a member of the Charter Review Committee motivated me to get more involved, and I am working to use the City Council’s powers and responsibilities effectively.

Studying the charter and talking with committee members and neighbors has taught me how well-crafted our system of self-governance is. The process showed me the importance of each elected official in maintaining the balance of powers here, and helped me see ways I could help make our city government more transparent, inclusive, and forward-looking. I’ve been using the Council’s review of the budget to push for things like increased spending on roads/sidewalks, and using our meetings to spur public conversation about capital/infrastructure projects and how we fund them.

Issue Updates

Equity & Sustainability
Being a Business-friendly Community
High-quality Public Services

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