Beverly Patch: Beverly Zoning Changes Sweep Through City Council

“While most Councilors said the restrictions — in conjunction with new proposed citywide design standards — will help curb overdevelopment and preserve the unique character of downtown, Councilor Hannah Bowen, who opposed both the height restrictions, said that they would not accomplish the stated goals while they could limit affordable housing opportunities and send a […]

Salem News: Council criticizes Varian’s new cleanup plan

City councilors are criticizing Varian’s latest plan to clean up its contaminated site, saying it appears that the company has chosen some methods “primarily to save the responsible parties money.” In comments that they unanimously approved this week, councilors referred to some of Varian’s proposed solutions as “business as usual” and said they were “alarmed” […]

Beverly Patch: Beverly Police Patrols Helping Ease Closed Bridge Traffic Troubles

While Cahill said during a neighborhood traffic meeting last month that there was nothing the city could really do to prevent drivers from cutting through the neighborhoods, City Councilor At-Large Hannah Bowen this week suggested programs that might “take single-occupancy car trips in Ryal Side and downtown off the roads.” “Whether that’s bike share, whether that’s shuttle […]

Salem News: Pay raises considered for Beverly mayor, City Council, School Committee

The City Council is considering whether to approve raises for mayor, City Council and School Committee. Under the proposal, the mayor’s salary would increase from $120,000 to $145,000; City Council members’ from $11,733 to $14,000; and School Committee members’ from $5,867 to $8,000. Also, the City Council president’s pay would go from $12,333 to $15,000, […]