Beverly Patch: Beverly to Hold Accessory Dwelling Unit Public Hearing

“Beverly City Councilor Hannah Bowen — an ADU proponent — told Patch on Tuesday that Beverly is an ideal city for expanded ADUs to be one more way to increase housing opportunities without imposing new development.

“When you look at our housing plans, our master plan, all the community meetings that went into those,” Bowen said, “all those points to that Beverly has a lot of people who want smaller units to live in. Maybe they currently have a home that’s too big for what they need, but they don’t have anyplace else in Beverly they can move to, or they are younger and maybe work for a nonprofit, and buying a house is never going to be their plan in life.

“There is something really special about our neighborhoods’ architecture. If you allow for more ADUs you get to keep all those things because you can put in the ordinance that they need to fit with the physical space and the style of that neighborhood so it doesn’t change the feel of a neighborhood.”

Bowen said she has yet to hear much opposition to her push for the expanded ADUs but welcomes the public hearing as a way to hear out any questions and concerns so they can be taken into consideration before any change is sent to the full City Council for a discussion and possible vote.”

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