Salem News: Pay raises considered for Beverly mayor, City Council, School Committee

The City Council is considering whether to approve raises for mayor, City Council and School Committee.

Under the proposal, the mayor’s salary would increase from $120,000 to $145,000; City Council members’ from $11,733 to $14,000; and School Committee members’ from $5,867 to $8,000.

Also, the City Council president’s pay would go from $12,333 to $15,000, and the School Committee president’s would increase from $6,167 to $9,000. The proposal was made by Ward 1 Councilor Todd Rotondo. In a letter to the council, Rotondo said city councilors have not received a raise in 27 years, the School Committee has not had an increase in several years, and the mayor’s salary is “outdated.”

Councilor-at-large Hannah Bowen said she supports raises in order to encourage more people to run for office.

“Though none of us serve for the money, there are people not serving because of the money, who can’t afford child care to be here, who can’t afford to not have a second job to be here,” she said. “And we want those people to be able to run for office as well.”

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